Extensive research shows that there are many unconventional entrepreneurs out there, making themselves a good income (you can even say a TON of money) through doing things that might be construed as ‘weird jobs’. The thing about these weirds jobs is that they are profitable jobs.

A big upside in figuring out how to make money using unconventional methods is that you will have little competition which means you will become successful a lot faster.

Find your independent spirit, get the low-down on some unusual jobs that others have created, don’t mind potentially dirty jobs, and enjoy thinking up creative ways to make money. Don’t only think of odd jobs, but concoct a side hustle from a problem that people have, and provide the solution. Who knows, this could end up being a brilliant new business idea for you!

If you are looking for a change, a new career, or even something that does not require extensive training, remember this: box jobs are out, side hustles are in.

Look at The Penny Hoarder, a well-written website all about money, money, money… and even more moneymaking options. There’s a lot shared about the author’s own wide-ranging experience.

* If you are into flipping items, remember the Golden Rule: buy low and sell high.
* If you want to make money trading forex, take a course and learn how to do it correctly.
* Don’t mind getting your hands dirty over weekends? There is plenty of opportunity in neighbors’ yards

Your initial success will be affected by how much competition you have, your launch, your social media outreach, and your digital marketing efforts. Whatever you do, be consistent.


Love them or hate them, there’s money in the insect world!

Bite-for-bite, cockroaches, mealworms, and even Mopane worms, contain more protein than our traditional sources and not only for humans, but also for pets such as dogs. Additionally, wild birds, chickens, guinea fowl, quail, and many other feathered friends will appreciate these healthy insect snacks.

Worms are great for vermicomposting, bait for fishing, or food for chickens.

  1. Breed mealworms
  2. Cricket farming
  3. Start a worm farm
  4. Breed ladybirds, lacewings and hoverflies and sell to gardeners as a natural pest control insect
  5. Raise silkworms
  6. Learn about beekeeping and build some hives and produce honey
  7. Breed leeches for leech therapy
  8. Maggot farming is when the entrepreneur breeds maggots for use in maggot therapy, stock feed, and for fishing

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There is plenty of profit potential if you have a garden and can use the space.

8. Grow small trees, or look for certain dwarf varieties that people can keep on their balconies
9. Specialize in growing safe plants for tortoises, chinchillas, and guinea pigs
10. Grow a variety of herbs and sell them as plants, or dry them out and sell the dried versions
11. Set up your own hydroponics system and either sell the produce or provide classes to teach others.
12. Breed fish for aquaponics
13. Hire out your garden for parties
14. Hire out your garden to photographers
15. Grow dandelions and provide food for tortoises, or use the dandelions to make dandelion jelly, tinctures, or even soaps
16. Grow specialized mushrooms and sell them to chefs and caterers
17. Use your garden as a space to chop wood for others and deliver it to them


18. Stock the pro shop with items that golfers need when playing a round of golf
19. Sit just outside the gold course and collect any stray balls that fly over the fence and sell them as second-hand balls
20. Write a unique book or an eBook on a specific aspect of gold (clubs, stances, swings, clothing)
21. Train others to become caddies, build a team and rent their services to golf clubs
22. Shoot videos of the golf course that the club can use for their social media


One of the best ways to make big money in the children’s parties niche, is to set your business where other people do all the, ahem, dirty work and you simply handle the bookings and payments. This is an awesome way for college students to make money in between their studies.

23. Part-time magician
24. Little Girls pamper parties with foot spas, mani-pedis, child-friendly make-up and hair do’s
25. ‘Smash cake’ maker
26. Makeup artist
27. Backdrop creator
28. Photobooth prop maker
29. Be a creative storyteller for young children


If you have money to invest in machinery, you might be interested in investing in a big assembly line machine to work faster and do more of the work for you.

Worm separator where the machine acts as a giant sifter that sifts the vermicompost onto trays and keeps the worms in the grid to be put back in the earth

30. Chicken hatching incubator
32. Luggage wrapper for the airport or bus terminal
33. Biodiesel machine to convert cooking oil into biodiesel


34. Collecting a specific type of material to recycle and sell it to larger recycling companies
35. Breaking down various plastics into beads and selling those to be recycled
36. Make your own products – upcycling is keeping many mompreneurs up to the middle of the night as they rehash products
to sell
37. Charge to clean up lakes, dams, rivers
38. Sell non-plastic straws such as silicone straws, metal straws, bamboo straws or glass straws (yes, you don’t actually need a straw but the silicone ones are great for people who are bed-ridden, hospitals, and the elderly)


39. Practice your skills and enjoy the life of a traveling bartender
40. Dig around in shops, thrift stores, and old barns and become an antique treasure hunter
41. Start a blog within a specific niche
42. Write articles and blog posts for other websites and bloggers – the best part about writing is that there is little cost involved
43. Learn to write memoirs and travel the world writing the memoirs of others


Gleaning is the practice of going to a farm once the farmer has harvested his crops, and then picking the leftovers. You do need to ask permission, but there are many ways to make money from this, especially because 99% of the time you are getting the fruit for free. Of course, you should also donate some of this to NGO and NOS organizations to help the poor.

44. Sell the fresh fruit in a roadside pop-up stand or on your local Facebook Market place
45. Make jams and jellies from the fruit
46. Get creative with tinctures, lip balms, and even soaps
47. Dehydrate fruits and veg and sell them in long-term storage containers. They’re saying there is going to be a food shortage.


Becoming a middle man (or woman) ensures fun ways to make money and meet with creative people. If you can find out what people want, then easily search for the provider and link the two together.

Very often, people are too tired or quite frankly, just don’t feel like putting in the extra effort and are happy to pay for these services.

48. Set up various flea markets and bring seller/ product together with their target customer
49. Sell land online without even seeing it
50. Specialize and become a mobile homes flipper


It seems like there are a bagillion weird ways to make money online. Besides for blogging, or setting up an e-commerce store, what other profitable ‘jobs’ are people coming up with to add an additional revenue stream to their income?

51. Creating and selling NFTs
52. Creating and renting out websites
53. Flipping websites
54. Drop shipping
55. T-shirt design and online sales without paying for stock (take a look at Red Bubble)
56. FBA with Amazon
57. Investing in Bitcoin mining


58. Upcycle pallets and old furniture into beds for dogs and cats
59. Make bird seed wreaths
60. If you have the space, foster animals or create an animal shelter (Animal shelters don’t have to be large – help out until you can find a foster family, or help small animals instead)
61. Capturing wild animals that others are afraid of (snakes, raccoons, even large spiders)
62. Becomes a dog walker
63. Pet sit
64. Wash pets bedding for people – many don’t want animals left over in their washing machine
65. Sell jellyfish


66. Make $5,000 by staying in bed for a month
67. Get paid to lose weight
68. Become a professional sleeper for new hotels to test out their rooms and beds and provide feedback
69. Pretend to be a patient for aspiring doctors


Look for potential problems that people might want/ need to be solved. See what questions are being asked on your local Facebook groups and see if there is a need for this, for example:

70. How do you recycle or (safely) get rid of your cooking oil?
71. Is there a need for dads to be taught how to do French plaints in their daughters’ hair?
72. Do new driver’s need to know how to change a tire, check their oil and carry out basic maintenance on their car?
73. Once a yard has been mowed, what can be done with the grass cutting? How can you remove them? Who could benefit from them?
74. What about when foam is cut to size, what happens to the off cuts? Who could use them?
75. What do people do with all their dog droppings? Can you think of a better way to get rid of it?


The world is going green. They say there’s going to be a global food shortage. Fuel is rising. Costs of electricity and power in general is rising. Think about how you can help people. Think about your tiny corner of the planet and the positive impact you make there.

Help solve these problems by thinking of a weird way to make money and in spite of making money, you could also solve a major problem!