Here are some great stocking stuffer ideas for your dog – and I am sure they would tell you the same thing if they could talk! The Christmas tree is decorated and standing brightly lit in the corner of the room. Tinsel is hung and the stockings are ready for Santa’s arrival. Your loyal and faithful dog is by your side and you realise, ‘hang on – we haven’t prepared anything for Fifo’s stocking’!

To take the stress out of trying to decide what to get, here are some ideas which would be great for your doggie’s stocking so that he will also have something fun to play with on Christmas morning.

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At Christmas time, your dog doesn’t really need anything as a gift – but as he is such a loyal companion/ keeps your feet warm/ barks at the squirrels and sometimes fetches the ball, your dog especially should be receiving a gift from you.

Here are some stocking stuffer ideas for your dog to show you special they are to you.

1. The Bone Shaped Christmas Stocking

This is a fun stocking in the shape of a bone – now what pooch is going to resist that? It has a loop so that you can hang it with the rest of the families and it is large enough to store some really cute surprises!

2. Fun Puzzle Toy

The first stocking stuffer on the list is made from an environmentally friendly material, and is a great idea to help keep your dog entertained indoors and stop him destroying your furniture when he gets bored. It helps to train your dog’s smell, consume your dog’s energy and lose weight. Folds up into a large size bowl.

3. Pet Grooming Glove

Your dog is going to love this and it creates great quality bonding time! This is the upgraded glove version – just slip them over your hands and with 255 silicone grooming tips, you will easily brush away loose hair and dirt. Give your pooch a good rub down at the end of the day!

4. Christmas Sweater for your dog

These sweaters are so cute and the sizes range from XS to XXL – so there is one for all makes and shapes! Cute Rudolph design – match this with sweaters for the family and take a great Christmas photo!

5. Set of fun dog toys

This set of dog toys is a fantastic gift to keep your dog happy and playful. This pack contains 14 different toys that are safe and long lasting. It includes rope toys, squeaker toys, balls and more.

6. Pawprint kit

This paw print kit comes with everything that you need to create a keepsake ornament with your pet’s paw print to cherish for years to come. This is a perfect gift for a pet lover and easy to use – take the paw print and then bake for 30 minutes.

8. Nature Gnaws Dog Chews

This healthy dog treat is extremely popular as it is made from 100% natural grass-fed beef. This is the perfect alternative to rawhide treats and the treats do come in different sizes to suit different dog breeds.

9. Pork chop flavored mini treats

Another great stocking stuffer idea for your dog are some yummy pork chop mini treats. They are a tasty, meaty treat for dogs of all sizes and made to look and taste like real pork chops. They also have a great chewy texture that dogs love!

10. Furbo dog camera treat tossing gizmo

This is an amazing gadget that is perfect for your doggy if you are at work or need to pop out. While your furbaby sits at home waiting for you, you can instruct it via the free Furbo iOS/Android app to give your dog a treat! So your dog gets a treat and gets to play a game of fetch! Compatible with Alexa if you want to add voice control. the app will even alert you when your dog is barking and you can check in and see how they’re doing!!

Here is a short video clip of Zak George (dog trainer) and how the Furbo works, and then he also gives you some tips on how you can use this as a training aid if you want to. This definitely is a great stocking stuffer for your dog and for you!

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