Writing a good blog post is not just about churning out information.

When I wrote my first few I didn’t realize that the way I was typing and inserting information forced all of my content to be compacted into one gigantic paragraph. It was awful. It turned me off reading my own blog posts!

After blogging for a little while now I have realized that there is more to it than just turning thoughts into words, and then typing this all out into your blog. 

Here is my advice to help you with your blog writing, so that you can avoid the same mistakes that I initially made. Cheers to great blog posts!

Think about your audience

One of the best things to remember when writing your blog post, is that you must always keep your audience in mind.

Remember that people are visiting your blog to learn something from you whether it is how to ice a cake, create a fairy garden, or learn the ins-and-outs of owning a scooter.

The person reading your cake blog might be there to learn how to ice a cake. You must remember that this person may have never, ever iced anything before. She probably doesn’t know which icing is best for what, or even how to make icing!  Put yourself in her shoes and start from there.

When you are writing to your audience, make it clear how your post will be useful to them.

If this is not clear, they will skim through it, leave if they can’t see the benefit in it for them and never return.

Create captivating information for your readers.

Start writing your idea

Brainstorm the idea that you have for your blog post.

Mind-map as many possible items that you can think of.
Have a header – then think of sub-categories and then what would fall under these headings.
You will most likely end up with more than one idea from doing this. Keep a notes. You can always return to this later, or use this information for another post. 

Pick the idea that is inspiring you.

Now just start to write.  Write and write and write. Once complete, you should leave it and walk away for a few hours or even a couple of days. Then come back, re-read and tidy it up.
Some of the things you initially wrote might not even make sense so you can edit your draft to include only the helpful information.

Check grammar, remove idioms and check spelling.

Is your post captivating? Does it help someone? Have you explained your topic and a clear and understandable manor? What else to you need to amend or add?

Keep it simple, make it interesting and keep it personal.

Be organised with your writing. People reading your blog post must know what they are reading and what links with what. Avoid jumping around and let your paragraphs flow smoothly together in a logical order. 

I have written this in-depth eBook to assist you with the finer details of creating your blog posts.

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Break up the text

When you are writing, link to other articles on your site where it makes sense to do so.

You want people to stick around and see how beneficial your content is to them. 

You want to lower your bounce rate which means that you want people to click through to the post on your blog and then hang around for a longer period reading the other information that you have. 

With blogging, you also don’t need enormous paragraphs. A lot of bloggers write one sentence and then skip to the next paragraph. This can also be done well if you are creating a new sentence for each new idea.

Use relative images to break up text. Make these images pinnable for social media to help with your marketing. You can easily create eye-catching images and add text overlays if you want, for free with Canva or Picmonkey.

Make your post actionable

Tell your readers what it is that you would like them to do.

Do you want them to share your post on social media?

Ask them to do so. You can also make this easier by inserting a plug-in such as Monarch which comes free with your Divi theme when you purchase it. Monarch will produce a pop up for your reader, prompting them to share on social media.

Do you want your readers to subscribe to your newsletter?

Make this as painless as possible – if you only need their name and email address, then that should be the only things that you ask for.

A great way to get readers to subscribe is by giving them a reason to. Think about creating what is called a lead magnet (or opt-in bribe) so you provide your reader with something of value such as an eBook, checklist, how to manual etc, in exchange for their email address.

Sound like a human

Even if your goal is to sound professional, you still want to sound like a human being. People connect with people, not with machines so you need to share your voice.

Pretend that you are writing to your friend – or even better yet – to yourself. Don’t forget that people are looking for a solution and not for a professional that they cannot understand. Don’t lose your audience because your jargon is too sophisticated! No.

When you are writing your blog, you want to come across as :

  1. The expert and you are sharing this knowledge

2. But also as the learner. If you don’t know everything, don’t try and lie to your audience. People respect honestly and they will be able to tell if you are lying.

If you are still learning and blogging as you go, change your blogging mindset and create a ‘journey blog’. By doing this you can blog as you go, teaching and discussing your pitfalls and your successes, what your audience should do, or what they should avoid. Be ‘that’ person!

Write posts that people actually want to read!

Remember that one ‘trick’ to writing successful blog posts is knowing what people WANT to read!

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