If you have a business website or a blog, you really must set it up with Pinterest as a Business account.

Pinterest themselves have said that if your site is commercial, you must set it up correctly ie as a business.

If you already have a personal Pinterest account and everything in their fits perfectly with your business, it is very easy to convert it to a business account.

However, if your Pinterest personal account is all about food, recipes and family outings – and your business is about selling property, then you do need a NEW Pinterest business account. You can make the irrelevant boards SECRET boards so that you can still save the things you love, and it won’t impact the professionalism of your Pinterest Business account.

Step 1: Go to www.pinterest.com and click on the bottom that says ‘create a business account’ or ‘continue as a business’

Step 2: Now you will create your Pinterest Business account. Fill in all the fields: email, password

Step 3: Next, simply select your language and country

Step 4: Select your industry and then click through to add your business URL (you know, you www.thenameofyourblog.com)

Step 5: You can choose to add your other accounts to Pinterest now, or you can come back later and do this at another time

Step 6: You have the option to choose if you want to do advertising with Pinterest. Even if you are not interested at this stage, click ‘yes’.
This advertising is currently only available in the USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland, France, Australia and New Zealand.

Step 7: Next – select at least one topic that is relevant to your business

Step 8: Lastly, select the handy Pinterest browser button. The Pinterest Save button lets you save any idea you find around the web so you can easily get back to it later.


Your account is now set up and live!

As a business, you now want to claim your website. You can click through and read how to do that here.

Once claimed, you have basically linked your Pinterest account with your website allowing Pinterest to provide you with analytics and it allows you to get attribution.

Then – on the top right-hand corner you click the three dots and then go into settings.

Update with the correct relevant BUSINESS information.

Here is where you can also upload either your photo or your logo. This is a personal preference.

Many Pinners believe that you need to have a photo of yourself; I personally think that for branding it is a great option to have your logo and it works for me!

7. Now if you have a business account on Pinterest, your profile includes a rotating ‘showcase’ featured board that lets you highlight your own boards.

8. Pinterest will prompt you to create a pin – leave that for now; rather get this set up first.

Or…How You Can Easily Convert Your Current Pinterest Profile to a Business One

If you have done a lot of work on your personal Pinterest account and you don’t want to lose all of this work but only want one account, what I suggest is that you can change your Pinterest account to a Pinterest for Business profile.

All irrelevant boards that have nothing to do with your business can be amended to become ‘secret boards’ where only you can see them and no-one else can, and they won’t impact on your business.

So if your business or blog is about ‘Fun Activities to Do With Toddlers’ – on your Pinterest Business account you want to highlight those, but you want to make your ‘wedding dresses’ board, your ‘cocktail ideas’ board and your ‘coffee station’ board all SECRET.

Step 1: Log into your personal profile. Click on your image in the top right-hand corner to access your Step profile.

Step 2: Click on the 3 dots at the top and the drop-down will appear – click ‘switch to business account’.

Step 3: The Business box will appear and you need to enter all of your business information here as per the steps above. Congrats!