Publish your blog posts to your blog regularly. Do you know how often that is?

This post is aimed at the newbie blogger. It’s not going to be heavily in depth and full of fancy jargon, but it is going to give you the essential information which you need when you are trying to figure out so many things about your blog.

There are a lot of aspects to consider here.
It is easy to say that you should post when you have time but what does that really mean?

Life is so busy these days it is difficult to try to find extra time, but if breaking free from your 9-to-5 or even creating a side hustle for additional income is something that you want, then you need to make this happen.


When you first start out and launch your blog, you SHOULD have at least 10 – 15 posts already up.
Some of these posts need to interlink with one another and / or other pages on your site.


So that when people land on your blog post and are reading your very helpful article, you want to try and get them to stay on your blog and look around at what else you have to offer.
One way to do this is that you insert a link for another post or page in your blog so that your reader will click through to read relative information.


1. They can start to see what kind of blog you have and how you will be able to help them
2. You will have a better chance to convert your reader into a subscriber
3. It will help you a lot with your Google stats

When you sit down and write these posts during your ‘building’ stage is up to you. As I said in my post how to start a blog, a blog does not take an entire day to set up. Well, the technical side can be completed in 10 minutes, but the entire blog will take a bit longer.

My advice for this is, while you are getting everything ready and deciding on your categories and researching the problems people have and need help with, you just start writing your posts. It will take you a lot quicker than what you originally thought.

I have heard of people launching a site with one post, but those are people who have multiple blogs and who have been doing this for years.


Now your blog is up and running but you need to keep adding more posts.


1. Google likes fresh content
2. You want to keep people engaged

Remember, quality trumps quantity… every single time. Rather produce fewer good posts of a minimum 1000 words. This again helps you with having your blog ranked in Google.

Try to post your new blog posts on the same day every week. This is so that your followers and loyal audience will know when to expect your newsletter or email updates.

As a beginner, with limited time available, you should aim to post at least once a week.

ALTHOUGH bear in mind that the more you post, the more Google love you will get and your blog will start to get ranked. This will become easier, the more often you do it.


So, back to posting once a week… choose a day of the week that will work for you.
On your calendar write, POST BLOG POST TODAY in big, bold letters.
Every day you need to spend time working on your blog post.

For example:
Monday – research your topic for 1 hour
Tuesday – research your topic for 1 hour
Wednesday – start writing your blog post
Thursday – continue writing your blog post
Friday – post that blog post!

As you are going to be writing about your niche, your hobby, that thing you are so passionate about, you will have a lot more knowledge than most already, before you even start with the research.

It’s difficult to say how long a blog post will take you to write, but for those who like numbers, it should take you approximately 3.5 – 4 hours to do the research, write it and post that article.

If you work a full day job from Monday to Friday and you are on the go from 06h00 and only calm down again at 20h00 when your children are in bed, you need to make a decision for yourself:

You could:
– wake up one hour earlier
– stay up one hour later
– miss one TV program
– work on your blog during your lunch break
– take 3 – 4 hours out of your weekend to get it down


1. Have a goal

What is the aim of your post. What do you want your reader to know by the time they have finished reading your post? Write it somewhere that you can see it often.

2. Keep checking you’re on track

Keep checking your goal and make sure that what you are researching and writing is working towards that goal. It’s very easy to write and write and at the end you have actually ended up writing about something else.

However, you choose to research and write your blog posts, keep it regular and work on it bit-by-bit.
You can do this by setting up your own blogging schedule.

Remember, no-one is going to make this happen for you.
You have to do this for YOU!
Your persistence will pay off.