These does, inflation rises faster than your salary and that is not fun. If you are working a 9-to-5 job and then go home and do some cooking, cleaning and homework before you sit down, I get it. You are bushed and the last thing you want to do is get a 2nd job to make ends meet.

Here are a few ideas of things that you can do to generate an extra income if you only have one hour free per day (lunch hour, before work or after work:

1. Start a blog

Starting a blog is a great release – and could be a great way to make extra money. This could also be the thing that allows you to leave your full time job and start making yourself money instead of someone else. If you only have one hour per day, this is ideal.

I have a FREE course that shows you how to set up a blog and I tell you about the things that I have learned along the way that you should or shouldn’t do to help speed up your success. I only recommend products that I use myself and love. There are two things, in my opinion, that you should pay for to create yourself a professional looking blog but we all know that to make money you do need to invest money. Aren’t you worth investing in?

If you already know what you want to do you can go ahead and just start a blog here – I do recommend your hosting with Bluehost as I use them for both of my blogs, and they are amazing.

2. Buy and sell tickets online

This one I found by accident! It’s a long story but basically, I wanted tickets to take my family to go and see Boney M at Kirstenbosch Gardens in Cape Town last December and these tickets were selling out super-fast! Under an incredible time-pressure, I went onto a website and bought the tickets that I wanted but then afterwards realised that I have overpaid by about
R 150.00 per ticket (x 5 tickets).

I then calmed down and went to the site that I normally buy tickets on and saw they were a bit cheaper so I bought those too! Now I was sitting with 2 sets of tickets. On the first site I saw that I could re-sell them so I posted them for sale with a small mark-up). It took about 10 days but they were sold and I didn’t have to do anything and the money was automatically paid into my Paypal account. Fantastic!

Sign up with Viagogo and make some extra money!

3. Fill out surveys 

Filling in surveys has become so easy because you can do it online. You are not most likely not going to be able to do this as a fulltime job, but it’s a great way to make some extra money for gifts, decor or to pay off some debt.

Here are five survey companies that you can sign up with who have great online surveys and who are completely 100% legit. Enjoy!

You do need to set a PayPal account to accept payments.

A tip for you: when registering with a survey company, complete your profile as much as possible. The more information that you provide, the more surveys you will receive via email.

  1. MOBROG – full out surveys online or on your phone. The great thing about this is that you can fill them in on your phone when standing in a queue or have some time to kill. Why not make some money during that time!
2. The Panel Station – fill out surveys online or on your phone. You will get paid in USD to your PayPal account or you will get vouchers for Takealot.
3. Join Street Bees – please use my referral code 8321UZ when you register and then log in. You can also download the app and take short surveys on your phone. They pay out into a PayPal account as you earn money. This is fun pocket money that you can earn.

4. Write a book

So many people that I know have a great novelist inside them waiting to burst out! If you only have one hour per day you can start writing that book you have always dreamed about.

You don’t even need to have it printed – with ebooks you can create it, you should have an editor edit it and sell it online on Amazon.

5. Trading, Stocks & Cryptocurrency

Did you know that you can learn to trade yourself, and from the comfort of your own home? You should do a course with people who can trade, and you need to have the right attitude. And if you are not there yet, read about trading. There is so much information out there

However, don’t let people fool you into thinking it is easy. It takes time and you need discipline.

6. Walk the dog

When you get home from work, the first thing you should do is get changed out of your work cloths. It changes your mindset.
Then you should do some exercise. One way that you can do this it to become a dog-walker. If you are going to for a walk after work, When not get paid to do it?

There are plenty of people who don’t walk their dog because they are too tired, it’s too windy or they just don’t have time.¬† Elderly people might not be able to walk their dog either. Have a look into it. You could do it every day, or once a week. It’s completely up to you.

7. Organise a Market

This is another great way that you could make a some additional money in a day. Arranging a market is not only rewarding but it does show you what skills you possess, what skills you need to enhance and who you might need to enlist on your next one to get this down successfully. After all, we can’t all do everything.

The market day itself will take up pretty much the entire day – BUT you can plan it in one hour per day over a period of a couple of weeks. A little bit every day can equal good results.

Don’t only think crafts. You can theme your market if you like, try something different.
For example. my husband really enjoys the annual knife show in Durban but there is nothing like that in Cape Town. He could do that.
You could have a ‘child’ market so all products could be related to kids. What about pets? Holidays such as Easter – and include an Easter Egg hunt?

The other great thing about arranging a market is the networking opportunity it brings to you. You will meet so many new people from vendors, to sponsors to customers coming through your doors. Mingle with them, chat with them, hand out your business cards – just get out there.

Do something different and have fun!