Life at Home

Being a mom is hard work, let’s not kid ourselves, but it is the most rewarding thing on the face of this planet.

This space of mine is about life in my home, with my kiddos, and my animals. The real deal. My children are older now – 12, 16, and 22 so my info has long past toddler stage, and quite frankly, I don’t see much on the blogs about older children. So, here we go!

Because my mind is constantly churning and never sleeps, this page will most likely be changed a few times, but I’ll keep it simple so it is easy to find the stuff that you’re looking for.


Homeschooling right now, is quite honestly, a bit hectic. I feel completely alone and am struggling to figure some things out. Yes, there are brilliant Facebook groups available with really amazing people in them, but if you ask a question, you’ll get ten, fifteen, or perhaps even twenty different answers!

And it’s tricky to work with that sometimes.

I’ll break down everything that I can for you as I go along. I don’t find it easy, there is no real roadmap, no one to tell you that you should do this, aim for that, these are your goals. But again, I might still be thinking too much as if they are in a government school…

Homeschooling vs School at Home
Record-keeping in Your Homeschooling

Organic Gardening at Home

I have absolutely fallen in love with gardening, especially organic gardening.┬áIt’s scary to find out what is sprayed over food, and fed to animals that you then cook up and feed to your family!
Besides, food from your garden tastes better, is totally fresh and pesticide-free, and it’s educational for your children. Win-win!

Learn to Grow Your Own Mushrooms