Think about it: why don’t you start a blog about animals?

Do people seek you out to ask you why their  fur baby has changed his behavior?
Have you ever trained your pet rat? Have you found that you are particularly good at breeding guinea pigs? Do you have a passion for creating healthy, wholesome pet foods?

Or are you just so passionate about animals and exploding with information that you just want to share it with the world?

Maybe you have come to a point where you know you want to start a blog about animals and make some money online, but you just don’t know where to start. Let me help you.

In this post I am share with you:

  1. A variety of blog ideas around animals so you can get started
  2. Possible categories that you can use within your blog
  3. Various ways that you can monetize your blog so that you can start earning money online

Build your animal blog to be completely you!

Best Animal Blog Ideas for You to Create

How many times have you gone to the water cooler in the office and heard people say, ‘I wish I knew how to create a blog about my dog and make money from it.’ No? Just kidding – me neither.

However, I do keep hearing about people who want to make more money.

Starting a blog is one way that you can make money. You can create your blog as an online side hustle, or if you are out of work this is a great opportunity to start your own online business with your very own blog and make money.

Did you even know that this was a possibility?

Starting a blog is really not difficult. You must have the dedication and willingness to learn new things because starting to make money with an online business will push you out of your comfort zone if you have never done it before. But it’s worth it.

You might be wondering what type of blog you can start when it comes to animals. You might have doubts and wonder who will want to read your blog. With millions of people online daily, there will be people out there who will have similar interests to you.

Here are some ideas for the types of blog that you can start around animals:


1. Specialise in one type of animal and become the expert in it

You could just choose a popular pet that everyone loves, such as a dog.

Just take it one or two steps further. Niche down.

This means that you will not have a blog on all 360 official dog breeds, but you will select one breed and specialize in it.

On your blog you can discuss topics such as:
* Puppies and how to look after them
* Particular ailments that are common to that breed of dog and ways to assist
* Medical care
* Petinsurance
* Food
* How often to walk them
* Vaccinations
* Home-made dog toys

This type of blog does not only revolve around dogs. Think of other domestic pets such as cats, rabbits, hamsters, and parrots.

You can also think outside of the box and niche into wild animals, or unique animals such as Koala bears, kangaroos, wolverines. Uniqueness attracts people.

There are also many people who enjoy keeping terrariums with tarantulas, bearded-dragons, geckos, and other reptiles. What about tortoises, chinchillas, and sugar-gliders?
If you have one, chances are there are other people that have one – AND other people who want to get one but don’t know anything about them.

Does this type of blog sound like something you would be interested in creating? It would a perfect opportunity for you to start a blog about animals.

Possible blog categories: Specific breeds, food and accessories, toys (DIY and shop bought), how to XYZ , tips for going to the vet, signs of illness, transporting your animal, healthy treats, specialized vet care, equipment required (think terrariums, parrot cages and climbers and saltwater marine tanks)

How you could make money from this type of blog: Ads, sponsored posts, affiliate sales, eBooks, online courses

2. Animal training

Do you have a high success rate in training animals? Birds and dogs are the most obvious species but what about rats, horses, and ferrets to name a few others.

Could you teach others how to train their animals online?

You can teach people about treats that you can use, what quantities they should have, the apparatus you should use as well as various tricks.

Possible blog categories: Various animals, apparatus for training XYZ animals, indoor tricks, outdoor tricks, animal behavior

How you could make money: Ads, sponsors, affiliate sales, sell apparatus, sell your own courses, sell eBooks, YouTube

3. Endangered or rare species

Endangered animals need help. If you are passionate about a particular species you could start a blog to create awareness of their plight, and you can use this as a platform to to some much-needed fundraising.

Research which animals are on the endangered species list and reach out to NGO’s for information, interviews etc. Start a niche-specific Facebook group to build your audience.

Possible blog categories: Environment, reasons for endangerment, people making a difference, why we should conserve, how to make a difference, fundraising

How you could make money: Ads, sponsored posts, fundraising (ensure you have a disclaimer and check other fundraising policies in your area)

Remember that generally, people do want to help.

If you can provide information on how you and your blog are helping to preserve or protect a particular animal, or if you highlight a certain foundation with who you are working to assist with fundraising, people will most likely support you.

If they can’t physically go out and help, then the next thing they can do is support your cause with donations. Another perfect opportunity for you to start a blog about animals.

4. Animal whisperer

There are courses that you can do to become qualified as an animal whisperer. Maybe animal whisperers do admit to having a certain ‘knack’ for this though.

Possible blog categories: Animal behavior, podcast, include video

How you could make money: Ads, sponsored posts, sell your services as an animal whisperer, host a podcast, create tips and advice and package it into an eBook

5. Pet clothing lines

So many people love to dress their pooches up, especially around the holidays!

Are you able to design and sew? No? But you’re interested in doing this? Then don’t let your sewing inability deter you.

You are the creator. Create your own designs and freelance to a seamstress to sew the items for you. Snap loads of pics and grow a following on Instagram.

Think of winter days, holidays and how you can theme some of the clothing. Make them and sell them online.

You could ether advertise through social media channels or you can set up an online store on Etsy or Shopify.

Possible blog categories: Various animals, holidays, different size animals, horse blankets, dog outfits, collars, dog tags, cat bells

How you could make money: Ads, affiliate sales, selling designs and patterns, sell finished products, offer a gift service, sell images that people can purchase and download, take photos and make holiday cards, let people send in photos of their pets dressed up and you create mugs, aprons or t-shirts with this image on it

6. Memes and videos

Cute animals blogs have a massive audience. Look online for cute and funny memes as well as videos and post these to your website to build a dedicated audience.

For example, MilkyBoki has been created by a man who is the owner of a cat and dog, and he makes videos of them. Some of his videos get 30,000 views, some get 2 million and some get 17 million views PER VIDEO.

When you consider that you can make on average $3 per 1000 video views, he is making approximately $90 for 30,000 views and up to $51,000 on each video that has 17 million views. And he has a couple of these high-hitting ones. Not bad!

If you are witty, sharp and funny you can create your own. If you have interesting pets, make videos. And you don’t need professional equipment. If you have a SmartPhone, get filming.

Don’t forget to check the licences as some videos and some photos cannot be re-posted without the creator’s permission.

Possible blog categories: Various animals, memes, images, videos

How you could make money: Ads – as these types of blogs/ videos are so popular you will most likely have a large audience – make sure they subscribe to your newsletter so that you can keep in touch with them every time there is new content on your site or a new video on your channel.

7. Dog walking

This is a very popular one and in my area there aren’t many dog walkers around.

Even if there was more than one in my neighborhood, I really believe that there is a lot of work available. In my small street alone, there are approximately 12 dogs that I know of. If you are walking dogs at one hour each and only take 4 at a time, that’s half a day’s work! From one s-mall street.

People and life are so busy and dog owner’s simply don’t have the time to take dogs out on a walk.

You could start a blog about this and build up a business. You will most likely need to go one step further and do some research on certain topics. Focus on your neighborhood. Teach people about the best places to go dog walking in your area, what are the rules about walking dogs on the beach, which collars are best and so on.

Then talk about your business and your rates and start advertising. Not only will you make money from your blog but also from the actual dog walking. And you will stay fit!

Possible blog categories: Best walks, dog walking tips, dog accessories,

How you could make money: Ads, sponsored posts, affiliate sales, people can book your services as a dog walker

8. Animal treats

All pet owners want to show there pet some love by giving them some treats. Or they might want to use treats for training but need to make sure that their pet isn’t going to gain weight.

Think along the lines of cats, dogs, birds, reptiles and rodents. I do suggest picking one niche and becoming the expert in this. People will begin to know you are ‘the expert in reptile treats’ for example.

Cool Dogs Ice-Cream in Cape Town creates delicious lactose-free ice-cream for dogs. Their own brown lab is the taste-tester and they have delicious doggy flavors such as biltong, strawberry and duck breast.  This is a perfect, healthy treat for on a sunny day.

If this is an area that interests you, you could come up with a whole basket full of delicious recipes for animals and blog about them.

Possible blog post categories: Safe foods vs poisonous foods for cats/dogs/sheep etc, how often you should feed your animal and how much should you give them (main meals), how many treats should you give in a day, how to make xyz, gifting ideas.

How you could make money: Ads, sponsored posts, have an online shop selling your products, make and sell your own recipe books, ice-lollies for dogs in summer, sell bulk ingredients if you can get them at a good wholesale rate, make and sell wild bird feeders

9. Animal keepsakes

There are many things that you can do to create keepsakes for loving pet owners. If you are going to start a blog about animals, it doesn’t only have to be about the animal itself.

People absolutely love their pets and want to spoil them and have memories of them!

Possible blog post categories: Jewelry, pawprints, casts and mouldings

How you could make money: Sell kits for paw print casts, silver jewelry pay prints, mug coffee mugs, sew a baby’s mobile of this particular pet, make plush toys of pets, photography – yes, you can do photographic shoots of animals or animals with their human pets, or paint animal portraits and if you can’t paint but you know someone who can, commission them to do the work and work out a fee for yourself, personalised collars, dog tags, leash holders and more.


There you go – you have taken the first step.

Now what?

Think about your pillar information that you want on your blog. This is the information that won’t change often and great advice or tips that you want people to know. For example: a pillar post in animal training could be ‘these are the top five easiest dog breeds to train’ and write detailed information on this.

Now you need to start writing posts and finding images to put into your blog. Remember that you are trying to help someone, answer a question or solve a problem.

To learn the ins-and-outs the best way, the no fluff way, the way to get you going within a week, I highly recommend Suzi Whitford’s course.

She is a pro at teaching people how to start a blog and also how to make money online. Her course is broken down into very manageable pieces that if you really put the energy in, you can have your very own blog set up in a day. Or less.

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