Exploring the World of Birds with Teens

Exploring the World of Birds with teens is different to exploring it with kids or toddlers. They don’t really simply run along the paths or through the cages anymore, finding the weighted-doors of the walk-through cages the most exciting part of the excursion!

I found it interesting watching them and listening to them talking to each other about the various species, and seeing what they were actually interested in.

As you can see on the map below, it’s a large park! There are over 3,000 birds and small animals living there, many of them being abandoned by people who thought they could keep them as pets.


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1. Who is the World of Birds suitable for?
2. How do you get there?
3. World of Birds food
4. What other animals can you see there?
5. The Monkey Jungle
6. Is the World of Birds educational?
7. Accommodation near to the World of Birds
8. Other things to do in Hout Bay

Who is the World of Birds suitable for?

The World of Birds is suitable for anyone really. If you like birds, you like being outdoors, and you enjoy animals, you should find it quite enjoyable.

Babies love the colours of the birds, and just looking at the giant leaves that hang down from the trees. They enjoy watching the monkeys scampering around their cages and seeing the giant pelicans. Children of all ages enjoy it here.

The only limitations are if you have trouble walking or are in a wheelchair. there are many benches and places to see along all of the paths so if you need to take a break and just want to sit in the company of the wildlife, you can do that.

Unfortunately, the pathways have not been built for wheelchairs and you will struggle. The paths are lumpy and bumping and there are steps and uneven surfaces which will make pushing any wheelchair quite tricky.

However, in saying that, prams that are those ‘off-road’ models do perfectly well.

How do you get there?

The World of Birds is found tucked away into the suburb of Hout Bay, in Cape Town South Africa. It’s not an eye-sore and it blends in perfectly with the surroundings.

One fun way to get here is with the sightseeing topless red bus. And teens do love this!

There are many busses that run throughout the day on specific routes, so you just need to be at the bus stop on time and you can hop on and hop off as you please. Otherwise, you’ll need a car, book an uber, or book a transfer from your hotel.

If you are travelling in Cape Town and you book a private Peninsula Tour, you do have the option to choose to stop here. The whole family will love it!

Hop on hop off red topless bus driving along the mountain in Cape Town

World of Birds Food

On the premises is a small cafe called The Robin’s Nest that services light meals, drinks, and snacks. Think of things like muffins, biscuits, and ice-cold slushies and ice-creams on hot days.

You are also welcome to bring in your own picnic basket and enjoy lunch at the tables on the Flamingo Terrace, right next to the flamingoes. Just mind that it can smell sometimes.

It’s also a good idea to being bottled water with you.

What other animals can you see there?

Besides the birds, there are lots of other animals. 

As you enter the park, on the right-hand side is a small cabin with a blue-tongued skink, giant African snails and a few other creepy crawlies. 

In the larger enclosures are guinea pigs, marmosets, Tamarins, capuchins and of course, our favourite, the squirrel monkeys, but more on that shortly.

There is quite a large enclosure with alpacas, goats, tortoises. Nearby are civet cats, and even a prickle of porcupines. Bush buck, yellow mongoose and other animals were there but you can’t go into these enclosures, except for the squirrel monkeys!

The Monkey Jungle

The Monkey Jungle at the World of Birds is a large well maintained walk-through enclosure. It is the highlight for many visitors to the park as this is where you can come into direct contact with the monkeys.

At the moment they have 38 squirrel monkeys who were all born there, and in this troop there are two babies. The original squirrel monkeys had all been rescues that couldn’t be released back into the wild.

It is open daily from 11h30 – 13h30, and again from

There is always a World of Birds staff member, or volunteer, in there with you more for the safety of the monkeys, and you are not allowed to touch them, BUT if they jump onto you then just sit still and enjoy the moment. (It’s the same with whales, you cannot go up to them in your boat, but if they come up to you then its alright).

Now I know there are people out there who don’t agree with this, but I personally don’t take issue with it. They will never be released back into the wild, their interaction with humans is limited, and they continue to live as a troop in as natural a habitat as possible.

When inside, keep your belongings locked up as they do make good pick-pocketers!

Accommodation near the World of Birds

There are a few options available in Hout Bay itself if you want to stay out of the city’s hustle and bustle, but don’t want to be too removed.


  1. Future Found Sanctuary is an absolutely gorgeous property sitting neatly on a slope on Hout Bay. It is an incredibly peaceful, and beautiful property, that offers Thai Chi, forest bathing, yoga, conscious breathing and a lot more. If you are feeling the need to unwind, this is the perfect sanctuary for you to do it in.

  3. Tintswalo Atlantic offers beautiful suites, each individually decorated with an island theme and all overlooking the bay. Guests can enjoy a massage, relax in the lounge, or sip on cocktails while the sun goes down.

What else can you do in Hout Bay?

While you’re in Hout Bay there are other places to visit, you could actually spend a day here:

1. Book a seal island boat cruise
2. It’s popular to walk around the harbour
3. Visit the Bay Harbour Market
4. Enjoy lunch at Mariner’s Wharf
5. Hout Bay beach
6. Test your artist skills at The Clay Cafe
7. Urban Brewing Co.
8. Many hiking trails in the area
9. Scenic views from Chapman’s Peak
10. Many art galleries
11. Horse riding centre
12. Great shopping, especially those interested in sustainable products. Visit Sealand, T-Bag
13. Loads of great places to eat

All in all, Hout Bay is the little village of fun! There is something for everyone – and even exploring the World of Birds with teens IS educational. It’s not just about looking at the pretty birds and letting monkeys climb on you, although that is pretty amazing too!