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Elegant Themes is the best theme to use when creating your WordPress blog. It has an easy-to-use drag and drop feature and is completely suitable for a newbie blogger or for an experienced blogger. A theme is something that you HAVE to have as it displays your content where you want it to be displayed.

So when you are setting up a blog, you need to choose a blog theme. WordPress does offer you a few free themes but some of them area a bit more complicated to use. I personally use and recommend Divi from Elegant Themes for both of my blogs and absolutely love it!

Different themes cater to different types of blogs and different needs, but with Elegant Themes there are many themes and pre-made templates to choose from you will find something that you really like.

With a click and drag-and-drop functionality, you do not need to have any coding or web design experience to build your own blog or website.

If you choose to go with Elegant Themes and Divi, you can easily have your blog up and running within a week. Some people do it faster than that, but if you are a new blogger, a week is very do-able.

Divi Theme

This post is aimed to the newbie blogger and just covers the basics of Elegant Themes.

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Think of Elegant Themes like a ‘club’ that you pay a subscription to for a year. Within this ‘club’ is the Divi Theme and this has been used for over half a MILLION websites around the world! It is such an awesome platform for a few reasons:

1. There are so many great templates already made up for you to use – you just select one and then replace it with your own images and text. So easy!

2. It has a drag-and-function – you just click and move components to where you want them to be.

3. You can build your blog on the back end and also on the front end. This is a personal preference but it is very easy to switch between the two – it’s literally done at the click of a button. Another reason why this is such a great blog theme for your WordPress blog.

4. They have a really great support system via a chat box – and this is available 24/7. Anytime I have had a problem, they have helped me or they have fixed it. Everyone is patient, friendly and helpful. Just what you want when you are new and still learning. I highly recommend that you click through now and join Elegant Themes. The cost is only $89.00 per year and you can use this on multiple blogs (or $249.00 for lifetime access). 

Once you join you will have dozens of themes and so many templates to choose from.  You might think this is a lot of money but some themes can cost you between $59 and $89 PER THEME. This price will also include the Monarch social media plug-in as well which is something you will need to give your readers a chance to spread your blog post. It is definitely worth it. 

Monarch Plug-In

The Monarch plug-in is a social media plug-in that is also easy to use and is included in your membership to Elegant Themes. And it’s really amazing. Elegant Themes does provide you with all of the instructions in a tutorial or video format, depending on how you prefer to learn. The Monarch plug-in allows you to choose and use between 20 different social networks.

The other great thing is that you have the option of five places where you can place them on your post – you can insert them on the sidebar, at the top or bottom of the post, on videos, as pop-ups or as fly-ins. And they are all customisable. It really and truly is an excellent tool! And do want this plug-in, because you want people to share your content.

Trust me when I say that you want a theme that is easy to use and where the people are extremely helpful. Elegant Themes (and Divi) is, in my opinion, the best blog theme you can get for your WordPress blog. So, go ahead and click through to Elegant Themes and join them now to get started.

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