Having a Facebook page for your business isn’t good enough; you need an ACTIVE Facebook business page otherwise frankly it’s not worth it.

I wanted to find out if business owners in 2021 thought that Facebook was an ‘old and antiquated’ system.

Have they moved on to bigger and better already? Or is it doing its job sufficiently?

We all know that Facebook’s algorithm changes constantly, so do people still use it?

I caught up with a few business owners to ask them if they still used Facebook for their business and if so, what was the best part about it for them. Besides Facebook being the top of their funnel, it is a great tool to guide people to their latest blog posts.

Here are 10 reasons why other small business owners agree that you should most definitely use an active Facebook page for your business, post at least once per day, and create a social space to engage with your audience.

1. Build up your reviews

Most of the business owners agreed that one very useful and important aspect of your Facebook business page is the reviews section.

As a business owner, you need to focus on building up the reviews on your Facebook page. More and more, people are trusting other people’s recommendations over someone employed by the company to run marketing campaigns.

2. Social proof

Your Facebook page is the social proof to tell your target audience or even your neighborhood that you are the trusted expert, the go-to person when they need that service or product that you offer.

There are reviews, comments, posts, views, tips, advice, stories, case studies, and more that you can post onto your Facebook page that will show your potential clients that you mean business.

3. Drive targeted clients to your website

By using your Facebook page, you can reach a very targeted audience and ultimately your ideal client – as long as you have done your research and know they are hanging out on Facebook.

When you are providing useful information to your ideal client on Facebook, they will naturally want to learn more about your product or service and that is when you direct them to your website.

One of the best ways to do this is by writing blog posts for your business website.

Keep your fans interested by providing them with interesting, useful, or humorous content and they will keep coming back for me.

4. How off your variety of products or services

This is the perfect platform to show everything that you offer. You don’t have to show it all in one post, but spread it out with posts, videos, Facebook lives, and stories.

Don’t promote the features of your business, but rather highlight the benefits and value to your client, and why they absolutely must contact you for XYZ.

5. Gain additional business with an active Facebook page

Get additional business from things that people didn’t know they needed to do.

For example:

Plumbers, is there something that all households SHOULD be doing every year themselves and most probably don’t know they have to do it? Can you help out?

Carpet cleaners, do your customers know that you also clean lounge suites, curtains, and shaggy rugs?

Guesthouses, do your guests know that they can purchase the art on your walls or book a day tour through you?

6. People will start to promote you on Facebook FOR FREE!

When people keep seeing your posts in their feed, and start using your services, and are happy customers, they will tag you when others are asking for recommendations.

The benefit of them tagging you on Facebook is that many other people get to see the recommendation as well.

This will only work if your business has an active Facebook page! 

When you see a page that was last active 6 weeks ago, are you still interested in what it has to say? No! Don’t be that guy!

7. Before and afters

No matter what it is, people love before and after images.

Promote your business by taking before and after images of your work and SHOW people that you are the expert in what you do!

Don’t forget to make sure this post is ‘shareable’.

8. Be seen as the expert

Make sure that you are seen as the expert in your field. Constantly take high-quality photos of the work that you do and always offer free advice on your page.

Provide VALUE to your target audience and they will show you the love by engaging and sharing your posts. Help people by providing them with tips and take content from your blog posts and repurpose that into Facebook posts, which will provide your audience with detailed information on a specific topic.

Help people to make their lives easier and they will come back to you.

9. Brand awareness

Continuously build up your brand name.

Jamie Slough is a fantastic brand strategist with an insightful podcast and helps people around the world to define their brand, create clarity and bring everything that you are doing into alignment.

10. Get more work doing the things that you enjoy doing

Use Facebook to guide people to the jobs that you either enjoy most, or that are more profitable for you.

You can do this quite easily by giving more emphasis, remarkable facts, powerful videos focusing on the services or products that you want to enhance.

active Facebook page


The power of Facebook hasn’t gone away, it’s just got more ups and downs than a board game of snakes and ladders. You need to work WITH the algorithm, not against it, to make it work for you.

With 2.6 billion monthly users on the platform, you can’t afford not to be on it.